i’m a classically trained composer, violinist, and violist.  basically that means i’ve been hit over the knuckles with sharpened rulers since i was a young child by famous musicians with scarred, mangled knuckles of their own. 

i’ve written original music for almost every type of media: films (shorts & features), commercials, television shows, video games, apps, audiobooks, political attack ads, logos/pneumonics, ringtones, and in-store product displays.

i care a lot about music as an industry and about musicians as a community and serve as the VP of the Composers Guild of America.  i am also a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, and a writer and publisher member of ASCAP.

Laboratory 42 functions as my personal writing studio - a mad scientist’s lab for sonic mayhem.

the ProTools based studio is home to a vast collection of instruments including a rare 1908 Steinway ‘O’ model grand piano and world instruments collected from extensive traveling abroad.

i enjoy supporting other artisans, and much of my equipment is custom made or modified by the greatest minds in the industry today. 

more important than the gear are the people; the ears, the fingers, the souls.  here you will find world-class musicians and technicians who simply do not compromise on quality, who have dedicated their lives to their crafts, and whose attitudes and generous professionalism contribute to an environment where magic can happen. 

my clients are in search of something new.  they are risk takers and boundary breakers.  often we do not know exactly where we will end up when we begin, but we will know it when we hear it.  we take the time to push past the first ‘good enough’ idea to find a better one, and then push further to find something truly special. 


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James Guymon - Composer | Sonic Alchemist